Handmade Button Set



Our handmade button sets are crafted with care and creativity, ensuring that each piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Embrace the delightful variations that come with handcrafting – subtle nuances and charming imperfections that make every button in your collection truly special.

Elevate your projects with the beauty of individuality, where no two buttons are exactly alike.

Celebrate the artistry of handmade creations and infuse your designs with the authentic charm that only handcrafted buttons can provide.

Our button sets follow a few themes, but individual buttons may vary:

Cute Cats - Charm your creations with our cat themed button set. Handcrafted with adorable cat motifs, each button brings a playful touch to your projects. Embrace the whimsy of these feline-inspired buttons and add a dash of cat magic to your crafts. Meow-ready for creativity! 🐾✨

Plant Pretties - Crafted with nature's charm, our plant themed button set adds a touch of botanical elegance to your projects. Handmade and delightful, these buttons bring a fresh, organic vibe to your creations. Elevate your style with the simplicity of nature-inspired buttons. 🌱🌼

Self Love - Spread self-love with our body positivity themed button set. Each button is a mini celebration of confidence, perfect for adding a dash of empowerment to your style. Embrace your uniqueness with these uplifting and stylish buttons. 💖🌟 

Artists Choice - Unleash your creativity with our Artists' Choice Button Collection. Handcrafted with flair, each button is a canvas of artistic expression. Perfect for adding a personalized touch to your projects, clothing, or accessories. Elevate your style with these unique and expressive buttons. 🎨✨